Dickson Fong

👋 Hi there. I’m a designer on Google Assistant, where I try to help people by building technology that’s useful and human-centered.

Previously, I led Design for Search on iOS, Android, Pixel and mobile web. Alongside an amazing team of colleagues, we evolved a portfolio of products that served an ecosystem of platforms, devices and users worldwide. We pivoted Search product strategy, stabilized Google’s growth on iOS, and brought a new era of Search integration to Google’s flagship Pixel 1 and Pixel 2. We accomplished this in pursuit of making information universally accessible and useful to everyone.

It’s a pursuit because we’re not there yet. There’s still lots of work to do. It requires dedicated people across disciplines, companies and cultures to build technology responsibly. I try to contribute by helping people do their best work in a safe and inclusive environment while helping us innovate at scale.

When I’m not living the digital lifestyle, you might find me trail running, working on cars, or hanging out with my lovely wife and dog. Oh, and eating cake—cake is always good. 🍰