Make the Future

What I do

I’m a designer at Google, where I work with a talented team of technologists to connect people and cultures across the world. Previously, I was a designer at Huge, where I helped brands such as Samsung, Vans, and TED design new products to meet people’s evolving digital lifestyles.

How I do it


Understand the business and competitive landscape. Learn how people interact with the brand and product. Identify strategic opportunities and design goals.


Define and design the product. Combine smart interaction, interface, and visual design into a compelling product that resonates with the target audience.


Test concepts, designs, and prototypes with real users. Combine learnings with gut instinct and experience. Iterate and refine in pursuit of perfection.

Photo Sharing, Meet Photojournalism

A fun, self-initiated design project that explores how Flickr can evolve and bring unique value to the online photo community. Competing against Instagram, Facebook, and 500px, perhaps Flickr can grow beyond photo sharing and become the premier platform for crowd-sourced photojournalism. The UI, features, and functionality encourages visitors to contribute photos and help tell stories about locations, events, and people around the world.

TV Reinvented

A self-initiated design project inspired by the television and second-screen experiences I’ve had the pleasure of working on. My proposal integrates broadcast and streaming content into a 10-foot UI that is quickly navigated with a directional pad on a super simple remote control. Programming is curated in a My Media screen when logged into one’s personal user profile, all displayed on the backdrop of stunning artwork.

Mobile Before It Was Cool

In 2010, was seeing an increasing number of visitors from mobile devices. Seeing an opportunity to increase conversion, I designed a mobile website that makes it easy to find and purchase products. Being the sole designer on this project, I completed research, interaction design, and UI design for Oakley/Luxottica’s first mobile initiative.

Let’s make the future

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